Exchange Program

The participating colleges will co-manage an undergraduate joint major (or sub-major or minor) program, “Asian Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (ALIS)” (the precise name may vary, depending on the institution). The goal is to promote exceptional students from China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore to study at the partnering institutions to cultivate their global, interdisciplinary perspectives.


Given that this consortium consists of leading Asian liberal arts programs, we suggest the academic field of the project to be liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies with a focus on Asia. That is, participating students will have ample opportunity to freely explore issues of their interests from cross-disciplinary perspectives. They will also learn how to design and conduct interdisciplinary research.


Students who successfully complete the ALIS program will receive a B.A. degree from their home institution with a major (or sub-major or minor) in “Asian Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies” (the precise name may vary, depending on the institution). In addition, they will receive a transcript and a certificate of the Asian Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Experts co-signed by the deans of the participating colleges. We aim at issuing a shared formatted transcript and doing it electrically if possible. We will make our utmost efforts to develop this program into a joint degree program.