Since 2012 the three colleges have collaborated

Annual Plan of the Project

The BeST Regional Experts Education Project Annual Plan


Framework for Credit Transfer, Grading, Degree Conferral

Cooperative System

The three institutions will establish a joint academic board and co-manage a three-semester-long program in which each college take turns in managing one semester program while providing two CAMPUS Asia core courses at least.

Student Support

Participating students who paid their tuition to their home institution do not need to pay extra tuition to the host institution. Tuition waivers will be guaranteed to all participating students unless otherwise stated.

Feedback Plan

Three participating colleges will use the agreed Unified Student Honor Codes to minimize student’s plagiarism. Three participating colleges will also provide Student Evaluation and Faculty Evaluation, and will use these evaluations for feedback.

Language Plan

English will be a primary language for instruction. However, the use of English would not preclude students’ interaction in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, but will be integrated to facilitate reading comprehension and writing assignments.

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    The BeST Regional Experts Education Project

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The BeST Regional Experts Education Project

Welcome CAMPUS Asia Program

The objective of the BeST Regional Experts Education Project is to train and nurture Asian regional experts and scholars of the next generation through a three-semester-long undergraduate joint major (or sub-major, minor-major) program (“Asian Regional Studies”) co-managed by three participating institutions.


Three participating collage will develop a common curriculum


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Since 2012 the three collages have collaborated